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Sealmax – R

Sealmax – R Known As

  • Root Canal Sealing and Filling Material.
Sealmax-R powder & resin are mixed to produce a root canal filling material of excellent sealing capacity.As a result of it’s close adaptation to the root canal walls and it’s very small contraction during setting.It allows tightly sealing root canal obturation of excellent tissue compatibility.

Sealmax-R complies with the requirements of ISO 6876:1986 (E) for dental root canal filling materials.

  • Sealmax - R Powder : Bismuth oxide, Methenamine, Titanium dioxide.
  • Sealmax - R Liquid : Epoxy Resin.
  • Permanent obturation of root canals of teeth of the secondary dentition with or without the aid of obturation points.
  • Hypersensitivity against epoxy resins or other components of the root canal filling material.
  • Sealmax - R contains epoxy resins which may cause sensitization in susceptible person during the setting raction of both materials ,traces of formaldehyde are produced.
  • Do not use Sealmax-R in person allergic to epoxy resins.
  • Avoid contact of powder or resin and unset paste with skin or oral mucosa.
  • After accidental contact , wash and rinse with plenty of water.
  • Wear protective gloves and glasses.
Interaction with other Dental Materials
  • Sealmax - R may react with hydrogen peroxide accidentlyleft in the root canal after irrigation.
Adverse Reaction
  • With sealers containing epoxy resins , the following adverse reactions were reported.
  • Reversible acute inflammation of the oral mucosa and contact with the unset paste.
  • In individual cases , local and systemic allergic reactions have been reported.
Preparation of The Root Canal
  • Prior to application of Sealmax - R , thoroughly clean the root canal.
  • If hydrogen peroxide has been used for irrigation ,it is essential to make sure that the canal is free of any traces of rinsing solution. This is to avoid reaction of Sealmax - R with hydrogen peroxide which would result into the formation of bubbles.
  • If sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide are used alternatively for canal irrigation , use hypochlorite as the last agent.
  • Thoroughly dry the root canal with sterile paper points.
Dosage & Mixing
  • Powder and liquid are mixed on a glass slab using a metal spatula 2 to 3 volume units of powder are mixed with 1 volume unit of resin . Mix to a homogeneous consistency which breaks when lifted 1.5 to 2.5 cm (1/2 to 1 inch) above the glass slab.
  • If a particular fluid mix is required, the glass slab with cement mixture may be carefully warmed over an alcohol flame.
Step By Step Instructions
  • Apply the mixed cement onto the tip of a Lentulo spiral. To avoid the formation of air bubbles in the material and overfilling of the canal , advance the Lentulo spiral slowly to the apex running at very slow speed.Withdraw Lentulo very slowly still running at low speed.
  • If Sealmax - R is used in combination with gutta-percha points or other cores and if there is the risk of overfilling .Use reamers to apply Sealmax - R into the canal.Choose a reamer of the size of the last instrument used during apical root canal preparation. Place Sealmax-R by a pumping action of the reamer with simultaneous rotary movement in a counterlock direction. It is only necessary to apply a light coating of Sealmax - R.
  • Dip the disinfected and dry master point into Sealmax - R and with pumping motion slowly push it into the canals.Additional gutta-percha points and lateral or vertical condensation methods can be applied.
Removal of Root Canal Filling
  • Once it has set Sealmax - R can not be removed with conventional solvents. If Sealmax - R was used in combination with gutta-percha points , the root canal fillings can be removed using conventional techniques for the removal of gutta percha.
Cleaning of Instruments
  • Spatulas, mixing slabs and instruments should be cleaned immediatelyafter use with alcohol or acetone.
Setting Time
  • The setting time according ISO 6876:1986(E) ranges between 9 and 15 hours at 37 ®c.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Keep powder bottle and resin tube tightly closed.
Batch Number & Expiry Date
  • Do not use after expiry date.
  • The batch no should be quoted in all correspondence which requires identification of the product.