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Inlay / Onlay Pattern Wax

Inlay / Onlay Pattern Wax Known As

  • Gutta Percha Solvent D - limonene based G.P solvent for removing gutta percha at the time of root canal re - treatment.
Properties & Advantages
  • The basic classification from our side is being done based on hardness and stiffness & flow of waxes.
  • Softer waxes with high flow are more flexible and are often used.
Product Benefits

Cervical Wax (1) Orange Soft type with degree of fluidity that will allow it to flow and fit perfectly in cervical areas, high adaptation and stability to surfaces. It will wet model surface without shrinkage.
Cervical Wax Wax (2) Blue Harder than orange wax.
Cervical Wax (3) Red / Blue Standard inlay wax wherein the pattern comes out easily from the plaster surface.
Undercut Wax (4) Green Harder than red wax used where hard pattern waxes are preferred.
Undercut Wax (5) Violet Harder than green wax - used for coping of patterns to add mechanical strength and as undercut wax.
Sculpturing Wax (6) Coffee Used for undercuts and adding mechanical stability to wax patterns of jacket crowns.
Carving Wax (7) Magenta Hard inlay wax. With medium flow for built up.
Presentation Ivory Inlay wax A white, enamel-like wax used to makes a more aesthetic case presentation (wax-up). Easy carving properties. Also aids in the fabrication of temporaries.

  • Plastic box of 200 gms.
Shelf Life & Storage
  • Best before 60 months under proper storage.