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Glass Ionomer Cement (Powder & Liquid)

Glass Ionomer Cement (Powder & Liquid)

  • Glass Inonmer Cement developed for cementing teeth and as a base.
  • Of all the composite restoratives, Glass Inonmer is some of the prettiest restorations available.
  • These restorations not only look good, but they bond to tooth structure quiet well.
  • One clean, dry glass mixing slab at room temperature (70 - 77⁰F / 21 - 25⁰C and humidity of 50 ± 10%).
  • A stainless steel spatula free from dust, set cement and moisture.
  • Powder and Liquid prorate.
       Use as a cement : 2.1g : 1g.
       Use as a base : 2.3g : 1g.
Mixing Technique
  • Place measured powder on the slab and formed into two portions.
  • Add half of the powder into placed liquid and mix them, in 10 seconds add the other half of powder.
  • Whole mixing time has to be less than 30 seconds.
  • Total working time will be 1.45 minutes.
  • Solidifying Time : 2 ~ 6 Minutes.
  • When cement is going to be solidified, it will be too soft to do filing and polishing.
  • Polishing can be done only after 24 hours.
  • Polishing way : use light press and high speed.
  • 20 g Powder per bottle, 16 ml liquid per bottle.
Shelf Life & Storage
  • Best before 3 year under proper storage.