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Endogel Known As

  • It is a water soluble Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acid (EDTA) Gel for root canal cleaning.
  • EDTA Disodium Salt : 17% w/w
  • Peroxide : 10% w/w
  • Lubricants & Excipients
Indication of Use
  • Chelating (Calcium Binding) agent.
  • For chemical and mechanical cleaning of the root canal.
  • Shaping of root canal.
  • To be used with sodium hypochloritetra Indication. Don't use on soft tissues like skin.
  • Containing lubricant for easy reaming root canal.
Direction for use
  • Open the pulp chamber in the usual manner.
  • Flush with sodium hypochlorite solution.
  • Fill the pulp chamber with the Endo Gel directly from the syringe using the prebent canula supplied or carry Endo Gel to the chamber with an endodontic instrument.
  • Peroxide in the Endo Gel reacts with sodium hypochlorite and releases oxygen and there by paves the way for mechanical reaming.
  • Instrument the canal with a suitable instrument.
  • This procedure is continued till the canal is enlarged and shaped.
  • Finally rinse the canal throughly with sodium hypo chlorite till there is no bubble and dry before the obturation.
  • Avoid skin contact. If contact, wash with soap and plenty of water.
  • In a cool and dry place and close the cap immediately after use.
  • If not use for longer duration than refrigerate it.
  • Allow material to reach at temperature level before use.
Shelf Life
  • 2 years from date of manufacturing.